Burner Service

Combustion analysis

In combustion, you want to have optimal levels of oxygen and fuel along with proper mixing for maximum boiler efficiency. With that, there are many factors that aid in controlling those functions. Our experienced service technicians can fine-tune your boiler with a combustion analysis to ensure you are operating at peak efficiency. Improving your boiler’s operating efficiency by just 2% can translate into thousands of dollars in fuel savings each year.

ADCO services include fuel to air ratio check-ups where we utilize a stack analyzer to determine the number of excess air levels in the combustion process. We can then precisely adjust your boiler to get the most out of it. Remember, efficiency equals savings. Let us ensure that your burner is operating at peak efficiency.

Our boiler combustion efficiency reports are conveniently available in PDF format and can be e-mailed to you for your electronic records.

Safety Check List

Every tune-up comes with a safety check. We will ensure that your operating, pressure controls and fuel safety shut off valves are working properly to ensure your safety and reliability.

  • Combustion analysis
  • Emission, efficiency and safety testing
  • Conversion and replacement
  • Gas/Oil and alternative fuels
  • High-turndown burners
  • Low NOx Emission gas/oil burners
  • Controls calibration, replacement and upgrades
Boiler service, boiler maintenance